Training Courses / LigoWave / LPTP

Learn all about LigoPTP series (RapidFire Portfolio) in this 1-day technical certification course. This course provides both an overview of RapidFire product, LigoWave OS and a hands-on lab experiences using LigoPTP devices.

Course Outline contains:
  • PTP solution - introduction to RapidFire
  • Hands on labs:
    • Lab 1 - "Wizard" configuration
    • Lab 2 - link optimization
    • Lab 3 - Troubleshooting
  • Indoor solution - introduction to NFT
  • Hands on labs:
    • Lab 1 - Standalone/Repeater
    • Lab 2 - Integrated controller

At the end of the session participants can attend the exam, certification would be issued to those who successfuly pass the exam.

Type Boot Camp
Language English
Duration 1 Day
Requiments Personal laptop
Prerequisite None
Price 500.00000000