About Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks was created when Motorola Solutions sold the Canopy and Orthogon businesses in 2011. Cambium Networks has evolved the platform and expanded it to three product lines: Point to Point (PTP) (formerly Orthogon), Point to Multipoint (PMP) (formerly Canopy) and ePMP.
The technology competes with WiMAX, LTE and other long range mobile products, but not effectively with wired Internet, which is capable of much faster speeds and does not have wireless relay round trip delay. Competent Canopy implementations such as the Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia initiative however have demonstrated VoIP, gaming and other low latency applications work acceptably over this system, and in areas of challenging weather including high wind conditions (which cause antennas to move and affect connections).

Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions now that connect the unconnected - People, Places and Things. Through its extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure WiFi, fixed wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms; managed by cloud-based software, Cambium Networks makes it possible for service providers; enterprises; governmental and military agencies; oil, gas and utility companies; Internet service providers; and public safety networks to build powerful communications networks, reach users from 200 kilometers across mountain tops down to the last meter to their devices and intelligently manage their infrastructure through end-to-end network visibility and actionable analytics. Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL, outside Chicago, and with R&D centers in the U.S.; Ashburton, England.; and Bangalore, India; Cambium Networks sells through a range of trusted global distributors.

Cambium Networks build quality in through design, manufacturing, testing, partner selection, and support, to ensure network operators' confidence in responsive, reliable communications infrastructure.
Customers choose Cambium Networks solutions over other systems because they "just work" the first time - and don't stop. They understand and value the demands of mission critical communications and deliver solutions that safeguard your vital connectivity.

High-Resiliency IIoT Wireless Communications

Bringing the Promise of a connected world to life

Communications infrastructure is the key to enabling IIoT. Rapidly deployable wireless architecture can cover ranges up to 245 kilometers with end-to-end connectivity for cloud-based applications. Their experience across multiple markets ensures that each solution interoperates with field equipment and operations systems to deliver results that transform your business.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promise is delivery of real-time monitoring, measurement, and analytics that optimize performance while establishing sustainable competitive advantage. IIoT's true potential will be realized by the transformation of accumulated and real-time data into insightful knowledge and critical actions, which demands highly reliable underlying communications infrastructure and resilient systems that interconnect sensors and controls across large-scale field area networks.

Without end-to-end communications, valuable data is stranded, isolated by even short distances. Cambium Networks' proven wireless solutions can surpass the limitations of fiber or wired systems, providing connectivity from the field sensor to the operation center - in an affordable, ruggedized, sustainable platform that offers rapid deployment, reliability, and security - with an attractive return on investment compared with wired or fiber alternatives.

Smart Metering, substation switch and circuit control, SCADA telemetry, remote office connectivity, video surveillance, and asset tracking are all vital wireless connectivity functions that can be consolidated into one cost-effective IP network. Wireless solutions are optimal for mission critical applications because fiber isn't everywhere, and 3G/4G data services offer fewer essential features at a higher cost.

"We were able to connect the entire system: Narrowband to meters and sensors, and broadband for database and Internet. Communications were running in weeks with equipment and support from Cambium Networks." - Carlos Mena, Technology Leader, Aguakan, Wireless Utility in Mexico

  • Integrate and digitize the entire end-to-end operation
  • Make data actionable based on business needs
  • Ensure real-time visibility, total security and long-term scalability


Communication coverage is customizable for individual business needs. Operators and Planners can quickly and confidently design networks that reach urban, suburban, rural, and remote locations with the throughput, reliability, and security required to support necessary applications - with minimal investment in communications infrastructure.

Integration & Migration to all IP

Cambium solutions integrate voice, video, email, and web traffic alongside SCADA data from RTU's, sensors, and control points - on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.

Field Communications with Wireless Broadband

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs with a private IP network tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Wireless narrowband is rapidly deployable and enables utilities to connect people and things within operational range. Private wireless networks provide steadfast communications for concurrent applications and maximize connectivity while minimizing cost.

Long Range Point-to-Point Wireless Backhaul
  • Licensed Microwave
  • Unlicensed Backhaul

Wide-Area Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Access and Sensor Data Aggregation
  • Licensed Wide Area Networks
  • Unlicensed Wide Area Networks

WiFi Access Layer Networks
  • Indoor Enterprise Class WiFi Networks
  • Outdoor Hotspot and Enterprise Class WiFi Networks

Narrowband Control Systems
  • Unlicensed and licensed solutions
  • Support for optional second radio provides enhanced repeater
  • functionality and multi-frequency operations

Single Pane of Glass Network Management
  • Rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new nodes
  • End-to-end performance and fault management

The Cambium Difference
  • End-to-End Network - Connect the entire field area network and manage the system from one dashboard.
  • Spectral Efficiency - Provide the highest amount of information transfer in the least amount of scarce spectrum with industry award winning throughput.
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum - Minimize total spectrum cost by leveraging both the licensed spectrum in populated areas and the unlicensed spectrum in remote locations.
  • Security - Maintain system availability and minimize cyber threats with a rich set of features to encrypt traffic, secure management, and audit changes in your communications network.
  • Scalability -- Connect thousands of individual locations with a synchronized network that enables system-wide RF frequency reuse , maximizing connectivity in the least total amount of spectrum.
  • Reliability - Deploy wireless narrowband with confidence that it' ll launch and run smoothly, 24/7 in the harshest environments.
  • Total Cost of Ownership - Minimize the total cost of network ownership with one IP-based wireless network including licensed and unlicensed backhaul and access components that can be rapidly deployed and perform reliably.

Leverage IP Communications for Multiple Applications

cnMeastro™ is a cloud-based or on-site software platform for secure, end-to-end network control.
cnMaestro wireless network manager simplifies device management by offering full network visibility. View and perform a full suite of wireless network management functions in real time. Optimize system availability, maximize throughput, and meet emerging needs of business and residential customers. Collect and display compliance with service level agreements.

Cambium Networks is experienced in implementing business critical connectivity solutions for industrial applications including :


Wireless communications: powering the Industrial Internet of Things

cnReach™ provides affordable narrowband wireless connectivity for distribution automation, substation switch and circuit control, and SCADA telemetry.

Frequency: Available in 700 MHz and 900 MHz licensed and unlicensed bands
Security: AES 128/256-bit encryption with password authentication
Scalability: Access point synchronization and adaptive modulation
Flexibility: Single and dual radio configurations for advanced relay and store-and-forward applications
Interfaces: Extensive I/O capabilities easing the transition from serial to all-IP networks with multiple serial ports, Ethernet ports and analog/digital I/O built-in
Management: Plan the network with LINKPlanner and manage the entire network with cnMaestro

What cnReach can do for you

Maximize Industrial IoT efficiency and minimize costs: Cambium industrial Internet solutions integrate voice, video, email, and web traffic alongside SCADA data from RTU's, sensors, and control points - on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.

Private networks working for you: Narrowband wireless networks are rapidly deployable and enable utilities to connect people and things within operational range. Private wireless networks provide steadfast communications for concurrent applications, and maximize connectivity, affordably.

Vital wireless connectivity functions: Smart Metering, substation switch and circuit control, SCADA telemetry, remote office connectivity, video surveillance, and asset tracking can all be consolidated into one cost-effective IP network. Wireless solutions are optimal for critical infrastructure applications because fiber isn't everywhere, and 3G/4G data services offer fewer essential features at a higher cost.

Reach further, faster:. cnReach is available in both the 700 MHz licensed and 900 MHz licensed/unlicensed spectrum, and as an IO Expander, enabling Cambium's other broadband products to take advantage of cnReach's extensive I/O capabilities, such as two serial ports, two Ethernet ports and 8 digital/analog IO pins.

World's most affordable, global broadband wireless solution for broadband wireless access to support developing communities, without sacrificing quality.

A reliable, scalable solution at a breakthrough price:
2x2 MIMO in 20 / 40 MHz channels
Incorporating key elements of Cambium's scalable PMP Solutions
  • High Performance, Configurable GPS Synchronized operation
  • Effective QoS Management for support of prioritized data, voice and video
  • Designed for reliability following the Cambium Quality Process
Managed by Cambium Network Services Software solution
Available TODAY, with enhancements to be introduced in the near future

Cambium Heritage Cambium Innovation
- Resiliency - Mass Market 802.11n system on a chip (SoC)
- Scalability - Custom high performing, synchronized
- Performance    and scalable MAC and PHY
- Security  
- Ease of deployment  
- Manageability  

High throughput, diverse applications

Supporting 200+ Mbps throughput, the ePMP system solution provides triple-play voice, video and data services end-to-end in the most demanding networks, for an affordable price.

Long range

ePMP is optimized for outdoor applications, offering connectivity up to 40 miles with Cambium antenna accessories and further with higher gain products.

Spectral efficiency

Using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the ePMP architecture covers major unlicensed global bands, making it the most effective connectivity solution for the world's under- and unconnected.

Powerful capabilities

ePMP 1000 features GPS Synchronization for seamless scalability and minimal self-interference, Quality of Service (QoS) ensures superior consistency and integrity for VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data services - all kept running reliably by rigorously field tested components that minimize service requirements and maximize performance.

ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna

ePMP has set the standard for high performance, scalability and reliability in harsh interference environments all at a compelling price. ePMP 2000 is the next generation Access Point bringing interference tolerance to a whole new level with unique HypureTM technology which combines Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming to deliver new levels of performance in the face of interference.

The ePMP 2000 System consists of a high performance, GPS Synchronized Access Point Radio with Intelligent Filtering, a new compact high performance Sector Antenna and an optional Smart Antenna.

Intelligent Filtering improves both receive and transmit performance. It protects the network from off-channel interferers with a filter that dynamically moves around the channel. On the transmit side, it protects the RF environment by reducing off-channel transmission noise.

Smart Beamforming drastically reduces the effects of on-channel interference. The System learns the locations of each served Subscriber Module and forms a narrow beam towards the desired Subscriber Module while that radio is transmitting in the uplink. This reduces the gain on the uplink for on-channel interferers that are transmitting at an azimuth angle different than the Subscriber Module, delivering performance gains never before seen.


Eliminate Uplink Interference: Smart Beamforming delivers dramatic performance improvements when dealing with strong co-channel uplink interference, maximizing network performance.

Consistent Performance in High Interference: By mitigating significant sources of interference, packet loss and retransmissions are kept to a minimum, keeping your network applications working at their best.

Improvement in Uplink and Downlink Performance: By eliminating packet loss and retransmissions resulting from cochannel uplink interference, TCP retransmissions are greatly reduced. Other applications also show significant performance benefits.

ePMP Elevate

Increase performance without replacing installed hardware.

ePMP Elevate is an innovative software solution that empowers 3rd party subscriber hardware with all the performance and scalability benefits of the ePMP platform, when co-installed with an ePMP access point.

ePMP Elevate™ is a software solution that runs on OpenWRT hardware, interoperating with other companies' Access Points and incorporating the entire infrastructure into a more powerful amalgamated system that functions like Cambium Networks' ePMP platform.The beta test was run on a 800 user network across multiple towers, with easy installation: an operator only needs to install one ePMP Access Point and load their deployed subscriber modules with ePMP Elevate software. Ellison describes,

"We added the ePMP AP's to existing locations, uploaded the beta firmware (ePMP Elevate™), and applied the necessary settings. We loaded the firmware on the first CPE (customer-premises equipment) and it connected. Then we reconfigured to our preferred settings, and it was working. Wash, rinse, repeat."

Don't replace your hardware. Elevate it.

Transform your network

ePMP Elevate software solution allows fixed wireless broadband networks to gain the powerful signature capabilities of Cambium Networks' ePMP platform, including frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization and Smart Beamforming, even on non-Cambium 802.11n-based hardware.

The next level of network migration

Saving the cost and time of a total network replacement, an operator simply installs an ePMP Access Point and loads ePMP Elevate software onto their deployed subscriber modules.

Protected investment

With the upgraded features of ePMP Elevate, the life of existing infrastructure is dramatically extended to support revenue-generating applications for years to come.

Streamlined operations

ePMP Elevate networks can be managed by cnMaestro™, the cloud-based or on-premise platform that provides end-to-end management, device onboarding, and maintenance support for wireless broadband networks from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Cloud-Managed WiFi

Intelligently Managed, Rapidly Deployed, Edge Access WiFi Networks

Indoor, outdoor, enterprise and residential WiFi

Cambium Networks offers secure, scalable, cloud-managed WiFi solutions for home, small business, and both indoor and outdoor enterprise local WiFi network applications. These WiFi network products can be installed in a new or existing wireless local area network to provide a complete indoor and outdoor WiFi network solution. The 802.11ac and 802.11n edge and enterprise access points ensure rapid deployment and simple operation in enterprise WiFi solutions. Our WiFi network products provide a one-stop, intelligent remote diagnostics round out an easily managed wireless internet network, effortlessly connecting the unconnected.

High performance WiFi with Superior Cloud Management


Choose the edge access solution optimized for your application: Indoor home and small business, indoor enterprise, or outdoor hotspot. Manage your wireless internet network through one streamlined system.


With 2x2 MIMO, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards, and operating at 2.4 and 5 GHz, cnPilot modules feature a strong security protocol, support high user counts, and include innovative, sophisticated access and management capabilities.

Manage and diagnose from anywhere

Maximize coverage with the cnMaestro™ management system that scales to cover large networks, instantly discovers new access points, has zero touch onboarding, and advanced troubleshooting to increase performance and minimize downtime.

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