About M.IT.S Co.

M.IT.S Co. with its vast experience and qualified personnel, is honored to present to you our knowledge and IT expertise.

Fundamental technical knowhow with professionalism is our greatest asset in this sector. Founded in 2006, M.IT.S Co. is an organization with more than a decade experience in hi-level network implementation, design and support.

We are always ready to deliver assistance as fast as possible. We do it full stack, which explains our slogan "We know what you want, we do what you need!"

Strategy planning, topology design, network design, procurement, implementation, maintenance, migration, integration support, consultancy, official Training, etc.
This is our daily Job, ICT from A to Z


Part of our Technical services in IT & ICT consists of:

  • Strategy planning, evaluate what you have, itemize what you need, design topology and network to meet your requirements.
  • Global procurement, door to door shipment with international warranty and after sales Service.
  • Installation, implementation and configuration of any netware, software or hardware.
  • Migration, integration and development, including API design.
  • Service and support, daily or hourly, online or onsite
  • Consultancy, brainstorming, technology research and development
  • International official training is what we are really PROUD OF

Needless to say, our personnel follow the routine maintenance steps required.