History of M.IT.S Co.

M.IT.S Co. founded In 2006, jumped to the ICT market in a flash and start to play a role in the most competitive Market soon after couple of months, November 2010 M.IT.S started the move to get MikroTik and Ubiquiti partnership. made the deal, got required certifications and during the first year, in addition to being an active MikroTik and Ubiquiti sales partner, M.IT.S carried out many many training courses in more than 10 countries. with 3 years' experience as being WISP by itself, due to high demand of support and consultancy, M.IT.S Co. expanded its career as an IT support and consultancy firm for ISPs and WISPs or basically providers and carriers across the region.

In 2013 the Head Quarter moved to Istanbul/Turkey and the company started a partnership with engineers and IT companies in so many countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Thailand, Nepal, India, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and many more to provide Consultancy, support and training in all over EMEA and Pacific. Since early 2015, by holding roughly 500 training events all over the world and issuing thousands of official certifications, M.IT.S has become a professional training center as official Academy in ICT industry. Our training department has started to develop more in Networking and wireless, this is 24/7 process which never stops, to be the professional Training center, we have to be well educated. That's why we became training partner of Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Cambium Networks, Asterisk/Digium and Free PBX in 2016.

Cambium Networks partnership has motivated and encouraged us to be more deeply in Wireless market, our relation is not only about Training, same as MikroTik and Ubiquiti we have professionally focused on Cambium Technologies, their products and features are kind of revolutionary in Wireless market and its really booming all over the word, we have accurately focused on their products,


MikroTik is a Latvian company which was founded in 1996 to develop routers and wireless ISP systems. MikroTik now provides hardware and software for Internet connectivity in most of the countries around the world. Our experience in using industry standard PC hardware and complete routing systems allowed us in 1997 to create the RouterOS software system that provides extensive stability, controls, and flexibility for all kinds of data interfaces and routing. In 2002 we decided to make our own hardware, and the RouterBOARD brand was born. We have resellers in most parts of the world, and customers in probably every country on the planet. Our company is located in Riga, the capital city of Latvia and has more than 140 employees. Ubiquiti Networks is an American technology company started in 2005. Based in San Jose, California they are a manufacturer of wireless products whose primary focus is on under-served and emerging markets, Ubiquiti sells wired and wireless networking products under multiple brand names. The company also sells grid-tied solar kits.

Ubiquiti's first product line was its "Super Range" mini-PCI radio card series, which was followed by other wireless products. Cambium Networks was created when Motorola Solutions sold the Canopy and Orthogon businesses in 2011. Cambium Networks has evolved the platform and expanded it to three product lines: Point to Point (PTP) (formerly Orthogon), Point to Multipoint (PMP) (formerly Canopy) and ePMP. Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected - People, Places and Things. Through its extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure WiFi, fixed wireless Cambium Networks makes it possible for service providers; enterprises; governmental and military agencies; oil, gas and utility companies; Internet service providers; and public safety networks to build powerful communications networks, reach users from 200 kilometers across mountain tops down to the last meter to their devices and intelligently manage their infrastructure through end-to-end network visibility and actionable analytics. Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL, outside Chicago, and with R&D centers in the U.S.; Ashburton, England.; and Bangalore, India; Cambium Networks sells through a range of trusted global distributors. The Linux Professional Institute Inc. (LPI) is a non-profit organization that provides vendor-independent professional certification for Linux system administrators and programmers. The Linux Professional Institute Certifications (LPIC) provide a qualification that can be used to indicate that someone is competent at a certain level.

Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications sponsored by Digium, It is a software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX); it allows attached telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services, such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Now Asterisk has 1,000,000 servers working in 170 countries. Digium, Inc. is a privately held communications technology company based in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1999, Digium's founder Mark Spencer created Asterisk. Today, Digium's core business lines include Switchvox, the Asterisk-based VoIP business phone system, Digium IP phones, and Asterisk telephony software and hardware products. Digium, Inc. sells all of its products and services directly to businesses and consumers. It also offers its business-to-business communications products, including Digium Cloud Services, through a worldwide network of resellers.

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