M.IT.S Co. Activities

We formulize ICT in your Business, by having broadened view and accurate awareness, we do assess, evaluate, calculate, implement, maintain, consult, develop, and support you and your Network...
No matter what type of Network you have, exchange, public, private, Ethernet, Fiber, Satellite, WiFi, PTP, PTMP, BGP, Switching, Routing, Queueing, or Firewalling, we manage your Network...
No matter what type of technical team you have, no matter how basic or expert and how crowd or insuffice, we train you and your team.

MikroTik based ISP/WISP Services:
In 21st century, is not possible to be a Tech carrier or provider, but don't know MikroTik, On the Other hand, because this fabulous box is integrated and all-in-1 solution with powerful Operating System, it can be anywhere in your Network, front end or back end or both, depends consumer or provider you are, but we manage your MikroTik Network anyhooooo.

Wireless Solutions:
There are millions of Wireless gurus, Engineers and technicians out there, but few of them patiently educated to exactly know what is Wireless technology, what it is, what to do and how to do, All we say at M.IT.S is to have decent and proper Wireless Network, you need to follow certain routines:

  • Site Survey and Environmental evaluation
  • Link Planning
  • Link Budget Calculation
  • Link Capacity Planning
  • Installation
  • Alignment
  • Channel and Frequency planning
  • Monitoring and reporting
Design, planning and installation of all kinds of wireless PTP or PTMP networks based on Ubiquiti, MikroTik and Cambium platform is another thing for us to be PROUD of

Software Development:
Thanks to our development team in Nigeria, we develop software, netware and firmware, by using cutting edge programming languages, we can make any web based (Cloud) or stand alone (localized) application you need, mobile app development is also part of our daily job in development department, our team is expert in Android and IOS App programming, more than that, Integration and customization are another role of this department, means we do API programming which make integration possible, you just need to think about what you need in your corporate portal application, we make it come true.

High Speed Internet Solutions:
City wide WiFi is our expertise, this is what we connect cities to cities with, regions to regions with, countries to countries with, Internet should be distributed anyway, through WiFi, LTE, or FTH/B (Fiber to Home/Building) nowadays IOT (Internet of things) is one of the most important and fast developed technologies, at this era of technology high speed Internet distribution is crucially needed anywhere.

VOIP Solutions:
VOIP is another extremely required technology, thanks to INTERNET, no matter where you are or where you wanna call, just call, we provide VOIP Trunks and DIDs, we do VOIP implementation based on Asterisk or FreePBX and using Digium or Sangoma hardware with the last updated methodologies. Running professional Call Center is another experience which we have successfully had couple of times in different projects and countries

Network Security:
Network security has become one of the most important factors for companies to consider. By increasing network security, you decrease the chance of privacy spoofing, identity theft, information theft and other forms of security breach. A company's network security can be easily compromised if the proper security measures have not been implemented.
Find it out right now and stop it right now, stop scanning, hijacking, spoofing, phishing and infecting of your Networks

Support and Consultancy:
We provide, we deliver, online hourly and onsite daily service, support and consultancy all over, from EMEA to Pacific or America south to north, we do truly global, we are honestly multi lingual, we are really 24/7, weekday, weekend, at night or day, morning or evening, at any time zone, we are ready to provide and deliver

Official Training:
we have had over 600 students with roughly 40 nationalities, in more than 20 countries. We Have conducted more than 1000 official training sessions in almost 350 events, either MikroTik, Ubiquiti or Cambium platform, over 20 of our students are certified Trainer now.

When we say we do Global procurement, means we buy globally and we sell globally, We ensure you that we sell with the lowest possible rate, We do whole sales, and retail, with international warranty and after sales service, leave us your order, let us to procure.