Ubiquiti UBWS

The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Specialist

The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Specialist

The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Specialist (UBWS) is Ubiquiti's one-day, in-class airMAX/airFiber training course designed for applied learning and entry-level certification.

Be introduced to Ubiquiti's powerful wireless products, learn how to make wireless links, and get hands-on practice with airMAX-ac equipment in an instructor-led classroom.

Topics covered in this course are The Ubiquiti Network, Point-to-Point Links and Point-to-MultiPoint Links

Course Outline
  • Ubiquiti Solutions for Wireless ISPs
  • airMAX PtP Link Configuration
  • airMAX PtMP Link Configuration
  • airMAX Link Planning Tools

Course Details

Type: Boot Camp | Language: English | Duration: 1 Days | Requirements: Personal laptop | Prerequisite: Personal laptop

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2019-07-03 2019-07-03 Nairobi, Kenya Mani Raissdana English Details
2019-07-17 2019-07-17 Lagos, Nigeria Mani Raissdana English Details
2019-08-03 2019-08-03 Istanbul, Turkey Mani Raissdana English Details
2019-08-12 2019-08-12 Monrovia, Liberia Mani Raissdana English Details
2019-08-22 2019-08-22 Accra, Ghana Mani Raissdana English Details
2019-09-18 2019-09-18 Freetown, Sierra Leo Mani Raissdana English Details
2019-11-22 2019-11-22 Kathmandu, Nepal Mani Raissdana English Details